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Revealed: The best £30 a Northern Ireland motorist will spend this year

By 7th September 2020August 17th, 2021Breakdown advice, News
Granite Breakdown membership

We know money is tight; every penny, let alone pound, is a prisoner.

Everything is now a question of “Do I need it versus Do I want it?”

This year, £30 will get you six £5.00 meal deals in one year; so, for the other 359 days of the year, you’ll not be enjoying too much.

Or if you’re tightening your belt buckles, you could opt for about 15 cups of coffee from your favourite coffee shop in one year; instant coffee at home is the only option for the other 350 days of the year.

Those three crisp £10 notes might get you a couple of pizzas on a Friday night for the family.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, a return ticket from Belfast to Dublin will set you back around £30.

Or you might even get a half-tank of fuel for £30.


£30 doesn’t seem to stretch very far, does it?

But imagine if you could save hundreds of pounds and still enjoy your store-bought cups of coffee.

Imagine if you bought a breakdown membership that was so comprehensive it could save you hundreds of pounds in call-out charges, recovery and punctures over 365 days.

Here are some things you can do today to save money and still enjoy the things that make you happy.


Competitive breakdown cover.

Did you know that annual membership for Granite Breakdown costs just £30?

But if you opt for the AA, you’ll likely pay £139 for one year.

And if you really don’t enjoy having money, you might be paying a one-year membership fee of £150 for the RAC.

The question is: if you cancelled your AA or RAC membership, how many cups of coffee and meal deals could that buy you?


Go all-inclusive: everything you need at one small price.

At Granite Breakdown, we like to keep things simple and transparent.

We don’t believe in add-ons and upsells, and rolling contracts, to get you to part with more of your hard-earned cash.

Deciding to join Granite Breakdown means you’ll save hundreds of pounds.

But it also means you’ll gain lots of other essential coverage too.

No more Google searches at the side of the motorway to check if you’re covered for whatever has happened.

We include everything in our £30 membership: Homestart and Roadside Assistance, Punctures and Lost Keys, Fuel Shortages and Call Outs, Parts and Garage Cover as well as Onward Travel.

So, if you run out of fuel on your journey, lose your keys or get a flat tyre, you’ll know the Granite Breakdown team will be there to help you.

In 12 years, we’ve been there for thousands of motorists at a time when they needed us most: even tucked in on the hard shoulder on a busy motorway with their hazard lights on, sometimes in freezing conditions.

Get your Granite Breakdown membership today purchase here.

See full terms, conditions and exclusions are available.




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