Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about breakdown cover, including; 

  • What’s included in our breakdown cover,
  • How to pay for your breakdown cover,
  • Who is covered on your policy.

Driving can be one of the most liberating and exciting things you do.

Since Mr R Beere passed the first-ever driving test in 1935, hundreds of millions of people have taken driving tests.

It gives you a sense of freedom to visit far-flung places around the country, visit beaches on a sunny day and gets you to the shops and back.

And with Northern Ireland having 25,735 kilometres of public road, there’s always somewhere to visit.

What happens when things go wrong?

The average person spends over £206,000 on cars in their lifetime, so with a lifetime investment of nearly a quarter of a million pounds, it’s always a good idea to protect your investment.

Granite Breakdown is one of Northern Ireland’s most trusted breakdown services.

What is Granite Breakdown?

We provide an annual breakdown membership service.

We are also a division of the well-known accident management firm, CRASH Services.

Tell me more about Granite Breakdown?

We’ve been helping Northern Ireland motorists for over 12 years and currently have over 20,000 delighted members.

In just 12 years, we’ve been there for thousands of motorists at a time when they needed us most: even tucked in on the hard shoulder on a busy motorway with their hazard lights on, sometimes in freezing conditions.

Let’s cut to the chase; how much does it cost?

We were hoping you’d ask that.

Our annual membership cost is one of the most competitive in the UK and Ireland, priced at just £30 a year.

So, for the price of two cups of coffee, lunch for two and a tray bake each, you’ll have peace of mind for a full year.

Wow, just £30? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch at all.

We work with independent recovery operators across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to ensure we get out to you as quickly as possible.

£30? You’re practically giving it away at that price! Is that just for a basic membership cover?

No, we don’t believe in add-ons and hidden charges.

That’s why we only offer one level of service, and it includes everything you need.

Surely not everything I need?

Yes, we mean everything.

Our £30 a year annual cover includes call outs for mechanical and electrical faults, lost keys, fuel shortages and flat tyres both at your home or the roadside.

Uh-huh, give me a summary, please?

Ok, well, our cover provides:

✔ Roadside Assistance
✔ Mechanical faults
✔ Electrical faults
✔ Flat tyres
✔ Lost keys
✔ Running out of fuel

Does this only cover me in Northern Ireland?

Our £30 a year membership covers you if you break down anywhere in Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. If your vehicle can be repaired, up to one hour’s labour is provided. Otherwise, we will tow your vehicle to the nearest repairer.

You also have the additional benefit of cover if travelling in Great Britain. If your vehicle suffers a breakdown incident whilst in Great Britain, we will refund to you any recovery costs that you incur subject to a maximum payment of £350 (incl. VAT).

I have a puncture, but I haven’t a clue how to change tyres, can you help?

Yes, it’s all part of our service!

We’ll even change your wheel if you’re carrying a suitable spare.

I’ve lost my keys; surely you can’t help with that?

If your keys are lost, we will send specialist staff from the Granite Breakdown team to assess the vehicle recovery requirements.

And, where specialist equipment is required, take your vehicle to the nearest secure area until a replacement is found.

If your keys are locked in the vehicle, we can help to access it.

What if I run out of fuel?

If you run out of fuel, we’ll take you and your vehicle to the nearest petrol station.

What if I have a run of bad luck and need you more than once?

Our service covers up to a maximum of 3 call outs for the 12 months after purchasing the service.

Is any driver of the vehicle covered under the service?

Our service is sold on a per-vehicle basis and covers anyone driving the specified vehicle.

You’ve sold me; I need a Granite Breakdown membership cover in my life. Take my money right now; how do I pay?

Click HERE to buy breakdown cover or call us 028 90 02 9457.


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