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4 simple ways a Northern Ireland driver can save money

By 5th November 2020 April 27th, 2023 News, Tips and Tricks

Driving can be expensive; insurance, fuel, maintenance, road tax and repairs.

But proactive Northern Ireland drivers can save money if they drive smartly, shop around and look after their vehicle.

The average car spends around 95% of the time parked, but it’s what you do during the other 5% of the time that can help you to save money.

Here are four simple ways every Northern Ireland driver can cut the costs of driving.

1. Northern Ireland drivers should buy the right tyres for your vehicle

The type of tyres on your vehicle contributes hugely to running costs; tyres are responsible for a fifth of a vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Look out for tyre ratings when you’re next purchasing tyres.

A is the most economical and fuel-efficient, and G is the worst-rated.

For example, choosing four economical ‘A’ rated tyres instead of ‘F’ rated tyres could save you more than £100.

2. Check your tyre pressure.

Regularly checking your tyre pressure can save a Northern Ireland driver a lot of money over twelve months.

And checking your tyre pressure is quick and inexpensive; you can check it at most fuel stations around the country. And many modern cars have electronic pressure sensors already fitted.

Underinflated tyres use more fuel, and even 7psi difference can reduce the life of your tyres by a whopping 8,000km.

3. Shop around for the best priced fuel.

We’re creatures of habit.

We usually go to the same shops for our bread and milk and the closest fuel station to top up our car.

But convenience doesn’t always translate to savings for Northern Ireland motorists.

Instead, seek out the cheapest petrol and diesel prices using a comparison website like this.

Of course, if a 1p saving is ten miles away, it’s not economical but keep an eye on prices at all the fuel stations in your area, and you’ll soon notice a pattern emerging of where is typically cheaper.

Savings per litre might be pennies, but when you add all those pennies saved per litre into full tanks over twelve months, it’s a significant saving.

4. Make sure you are not overpaying for insurance

Haggling on your car insurance is often seen as one of the best ways a Northern Ireland driver can make significant savings every year.

Convenience is your enemy; a lot of people don’t like the hassle of changing insurance companies and end up paying a lot more.

But if you set aside a little time in your day in the month before your car is up for renewal, you could save hundreds of pounds.

Don’t wait for your current insurer for their renewal price, you can go on to a couple of different insurers or brokers in advance and see whether a better deal can be had when your own insurer makes contact.

But be very careful as not all insurance policies are the same and you may get caught out if you don’t look at the terms and conditions -especially in relation to policy excesses.

Bring your cheapest quote back to your current insurer or broker and see if they can match (or beat) it.

Having a broker or insurer that you trust can sometimes be worth paying more for, especially in the event of a claim.

Sometimes a very cheap quote might cost you more in the end!

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